Articles by Janera P. Harvey, MPH

Director of Business Development

Janera Harvey has served in medical and health care for over 25 years, ranging from direct patient care as a heart monitor tech, EKG tech, partial studies as a respiratory therapist to biopharmaceutical/pharmaceutical sales, and a strong advocate for patients needing the appropriate treatment recovery solutions. Having a Masters in Public Health, her passion has always been to serve people in various communities by educating, providing resources, and ensuring that patients got appropriate care. Ms. Harvey has been with Acadia Healthcare for over 3 years serving as a business development professional in North Carolina and Virginia assisting clinicians, hospitals, and treatment facilities with getting patients into Acadia facilities that she represented.

When away from Carolina House, Janera can be found serving at her church, spending quality time with her sons and loved ones, painting, cooking, educating, writing, and enjoying life.

The Dangers of Calorie Counting Apps

As Holidays Approach, Health Tech Not the Healthiest Choice for All  With the holidays right around the corner, there’s one gift that is making many people’s wish lists: health tech. From smartwatches to smart scales to fitness trackers, these devices are often top of mind during the holidays, especially as people start to think about setting health-related resolutions for the new year.   But for those who are struggling with an eating disorder, these devices may do more harm … Read More