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Carolina House offers gender-inclusive residential and outpatient treatment options for women age 17 and older and adults age 18 and older of all genders who have developed anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, other eating disorders, and certain co-occurring mental health concerns. 

Customized Treatment for Eating Disorders

Carolina House has been providing personalized treatment for eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions since 2006. 

Offering residential and outpatient options, we believe that there is an appropriate level of care for anyone who is looking to live a happier and healthier life in recovery. Through a multidisciplinary approach that includes a variety of evidence-based treatment methods, our team of experts helps our clients understand their whole selves.  


Prior to admission, each potential client fills out a comprehensive assessment that allows our staff to better understand their current needs, their history of disordered eating, and their treatment goals. We then use this information to create a customized treatment plan that leads to the best chance for lasting recovery. 

At both the residential and outpatient treatment levels, we provide a complete culinary program with full kitchen access. Clients have the unique opportunity to take part in meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and a family-style eating environment, which helps restore a positive relationship with food. 

Multiple Levels of Care & Locations

Carolina House offers a residential treatment program as well as two outpatient options — a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). 

Residential care takes place at one of two locations. The first is our original house, The Homestead, which is located in Durham, North Carolina, and serves women age 17 and older. The Homestead is a farmhouse that is surrounded by trees on 10 acres of peaceful rural land, and it features a functioning kitchen garden and a treehouse that is used for yoga, experiential, and somatic therapies. 


In 2017, we opened a second residential home, The Estate, just a mile down the road. This six-bed house serves adults age 18 and older of all genders. Clients who stay at this brick manor-style house also have access to a gazebo and koi pond during their free time, as well as use of the treehouse and garden at The Homestead. 

Clients in our PHP and IOP receive treatment at our second location, in Raleigh, North Carolina, which opened in 2012. Located within 10 minutes of three universities, it’s also next to a local transitional house for women who are in recovery from eating disorders. 

Our Approach to Treatment

Our goal during treatment is to provide a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment, with highly trained and supportive staff members who use a structured approach to guide our clients toward lasting recovery. 

We treat each client as the individual they are and value their complete life, including family, community, culture, value systems, and spiritual traditions. The relationships we form with our clients are founded on dignity and respect, with an understanding and appreciation for the role eating disorders have played in their lives. 

We use dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) as the basis of our treatment, which helps people live in the moment, develop healthier ways to cope with stress, and regulate their emotions. DBT has also proved to help people who are exhibiting self-destructive behaviors. 

All our programs are designed to be collaborative and client-driven, which promotes self-responsibility and self-awareness that we believe will stay with our clients long after they leave treatment at Carolina House. 

Safe & Welcoming Environment

When you receive care at Carolina House, you’ll find that you’re in an environment in which you can step away from the stressors and distractions of everyday life and focus solely on your health. 

At all our locations, clients can get in touch with their bodies in a safe environment. Clients who stay at one of our residential properties will find a serene setting that allows them to connect with nature — whether by working in the garden and reading on the screened porch at The Homestead or enjoying the secluded woods of The Estate. 

The Homestead gives all residential clients the chance to work in the garden, helping them understand and interact with food from seed to plate. A pollinator corner supports local bees and butterflies, and an evergreen corner and sensory corner are anticipated future additions. 

You can also understand the power of community at Carolina House. Group and experiential therapies give you the opportunity to discover that you’re not the only person who has struggled with an eating disorder, and you’ll be able to share support and build relationships that can last well into the future. 

Thank you Carolina House, for helping me find my inner strength. I am forever grateful for everything & everyone at Carolina House!

– a former resident
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