Carolina House proudly serves people of all genders age 17 and older in North Carolina and South Carolina who are struggling with eating disorders and other co-occurring concerns.

About Admissions

Seeking out treatment for an eating disorder can often feel frightening and intimidating, but at Carolina House, we have designed our admissions process to be as comfortable as possible. We encourage prospective clients, families, loved ones, and professionals to contact us directly. Inquiries about the treatment we offer and referrals for admission can be accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our staff of helpful and knowledgeable professionals are standing by to answer any questions that you or your loved ones may have and will work closely with new clients throughout the admissions process.

Admissions Process

Once an initial call comes in, our intake coordinator will begin assessing whether the care supplied by Carolina House can best meet the prospective client’s needs. Next, the intake coordinator will gather more information and send paperwork for the prospective client to complete. This pre-admission paperwork requires a physician to perform a physical, complete lab work, and ensure that the prospective client is medically stable.

When the paperwork is finished, our Clinical Director will schedule a call to speak with the client’s therapist and gather more information. After that call, the Clinical Director and Director of Nursing will review the paperwork and grant approval for admission. Once the intake coordinator receives clinical and medical approval, the client will receive an admission date.

Online Admission Forms

You may start the process and complete the forms online by clicking here.

Offline Admission Forms

You may also start the process by downloading and completing the forms below. Once completed, please e-mail them to or faxing them (877) 275-7813.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions criteria for inpatient residential treatment Carolina House are as follows:

  • Must be age 17 or older
  • Must have partial motivation for recovery
  • Must possess a body mass index (BMI) of 14 or above
  • Must be able to demonstrate and manage basic independent living skills

We are unfortunately unequipped to provide proper treatment for individuals with the following concerns. If any of these apply to a prospective client, we would be happy to work with that client to find an appropriate treatment center that will meet their unique needs:

  • Individuals who are in need of extensive medical monitoring, such as those with feeding tubes or uncontrolled diabetes
  • Women who are in their second or third trimester of pregnancy
  • People who prefer a vegan diet
  • Individuals who are currently struggling with acute suicidal thoughts with a plan or intent to commit suicide
  • Those who display highly aggressive behavior
  • Men and women going through acute withdrawal or require detox from drugs and/or alcohol

Our comprehensive care is unique in its ability to help our clients develop a healthy relationship with eating, so we welcome those who may not have found success at other treatment centers. Individuals who are appropriate for treatment at Carolina House include individuals who:

  • Are struggling with an eating disorder and a possible co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Are realizing that they need to help to escape the cycle of eating disorders
  • Need more support than outpatient treatment can provide

If you feel that you or your loved one would benefit from the high quality and personalized care that only Carolina House can provide, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is on-hand to explain our admissions process and can help determine if our center is where the journey towards a truly recovered life can begin.

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From my first call inquiring about getting help I found the staff at Carolina House to be super helpful, informative, and understanding.

– a former resident