Interpersonal Process Groups

Carolina House proudly serves all genders 17 and older in North and South Carolina struggling with eating disorders as well as other co-occurring disorders.

What Are Interpersonal Process Groups

Interpersonal process therapy groups offer a safe environment to identify and explore feelings, give and receive support and feedback, practice new, healthier ways of relating to others, and experience corrective interpersonal experiences. Numerous therapeutic/curative factors are common in process groups, including interpersonal learning, group cohesiveness, universality, and the opportunity to witness the recovery of others.

Why Interpersonal Process Groups Work

Interpersonal groups provide opportunities to assist others in their recovery, allowing participants to feel as if they have “given something back.” Interpersonal process groups are an appropriate treatment modality for clients with eating disorders as they assist clients in addressing cognitive distortions and self-criticism, and offer protection against the secrecy, shame, and isolation that often accompany eating disorders.

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While I was stuck in my eating disorder, I felt lost and insecure. Carolina House helped me regain control of my life and I couldn’t be happier!

– a former resident