Our Residential Location

Carolina House Homestead & Cottage

176 Lassiter Homestead Road

Durham, NC 27713

Carolina House Estate

7200 NC-751

Durham, NC 27713

Carolina House proudly serves people of all genders age 17 and older from across the country who are struggling with eating disorders and other co-occurring concerns.

Our Treatment Locations

Carolina House eating disorder treatment in Durham and Raleigh, NC

Treatment at Carolina House takes place in three locations, and all locations provide our full spectrum of interventions including individual therapy, groups, family therapy, and experiential therapies. One especially unique facet of our treatment program is the inclusion of a full culinary program with kitchen access. All of our clients are given the opportunity to practice meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation when engaged in services at all of our locations. We can also accommodate clients who follow a vegetarian meal plan.

Our treatment locations are a carefully-considered and an intentional component of our treatment program. We deliberately choose spaces that maximize our clients’ ability to find peace and healing. If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with an eating disorder and would benefit from treatment at one of our beautiful and welcoming locations, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us help you begin the journey towards improved health.

Gender Inclusive Housing

At Carolina house, we provide comprehensive care to individuals aged 17 and above. Our approach is rooted in inclusivity, as we maintain gender-inclusive environments across our campus.  This means that individuals of all genders live together harmoniously in the same house, fostering a supportive and welcoming community for everyone working towards recovery.  Clients are accommodated in single-sex rooms and share bathroom facilities with individuals of the same gender.  This approach ensures a comfortable and respectful living environment that prioritizes the privacy and well-being of all our clients.

Our dedicated staff closely monitor all interactions between clients, ensuring that relationships and behaviors are appropriate and conducive to a supportive and respectful environment. This approach aims to create a comfortable atmosphere where individuals feel at ease living alongside all genders in the same house. Our ultimate goal is to simulate real-life experiences that promote sustained recovery, preparing individuals for a successful transition upon discharge.

Our Homestead & Cottage

Eating disorder treatment in Durham, NC

Opened in 2006, our original location is in rural Durham, North Carolina. The homes are close to nature, sitting on ten acres of forested land, and it provides a serene and tranquil space for our clients to heal and grow. Being among the trees allows our clients to slow down and connect with nature. Some clients enjoy the swing on our front porch and others busy themselves in the garden. Some take in a book in the screened-in porch, and other clients take walks in the woods. Wildlife can be seen flitting around the surrounding woods, and one can sometimes hear the neighing of the horses next door. Upon leaving the farmhouse, one can come across local farms and farmer’s markets, strawberry fields, art museums, shopping, gardens, and a number of local universities. The large, comfortable, home-like setting in the midst of the rural country provides an excellent place to step away from the stress of life and focus on healing and recovery.

Our Estate

Eating disorder treatment in Durham, NC

Opened in September 2017, The Estate is our second residential treatment facility.  Here we provide residential eating disorder treatment for people of all genders age 17 and older in a six-bed brick colonial home.  The Estate is situated on 12 beautiful acres of wooded land with a relaxing Koi pond and waterfall.  Enjoy some quiet healing time on the expansive deck, patio, or gazebo. Conveniently located one and half miles from the Homestead.