Carolina House Newsletter – February 2019

Happy Eating Disorder Awareness Month everyone!

February is a month dedicated to spreading eating disorder awareness, with the official NEDAwareness Week happening Feb. 25 – March 3. You can find events happening near you through organizations like Alliance for Eating DisordersSouthern Smash and NEDA.

Spreading awareness and sharing your story can be incredibly healing, but remember the best way to spread awareness is to put your recovery FIRST! Self care for the WIN, always! And also remember that every day is a great day to spread awareness – February and beyond!

And speaking of putting recovery first, I’m excited to share one alumni’s story of recovery this month. Cody has overcome so much in her battle and is living a beautiful (and imperfect!) life in recovery. Despite numerous complications and treatment stays, Cody continues to put recovery first. I hope her story inspires you as much as it does me.

We’ve also included a Carolina House Classic from the kitchen – tomato soup and grilled cheese. YES, please! Don’t forget to keep sending me requests!

Lastly, thank you for your patience as we streamlined our alumni newsletter. With our new system, we are able to add alumni as soon as they discharge. But if you know someone who is not getting it, please email me!

Happy February everyone!

In love and light,

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