How Carolina House Individualizes Care for the LGBTQ+ Community

Individuals within the LGBTQ+ community are at a greater risk of developing an eating disorder than cis-gender individuals. However, members of the LGBTQ+ community often face barriers to receiving care period, let alone inclusive and individualized care. Here at Carolina House, we not only provide a safe and inclusive space for all, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to offer evidence-based, individualized care from day one of the admissions process and every moment after that.

While we have a dedicated house, The Estate, which is gender inclusive, we provide the same inclusive space at The Homestead, where our female clients reside. Carolina House offers a holistic approach to treatment. Our main focus is helping the individual reconnect with food, movement, and one’s body in a neutral, joyful, and/or freeing way. We offer a unique approach to nutrition therapy, hands-on culinary experiences, LGBTQ+-focused group and individual therapy sessions, trauma-informed yoga therapy, horticulture therapy, acupuncture, joyful movement groups, and more to help the individual find that connection.

From the first call with us, our team respects the use of preferred pronouns and always uses an individual’s preferred name. When you arrive on our campus, each house proudly displays the LGBTQ+ flag to signify a safe space; our entire staff works diligently to provide this safe and inclusive space at all times. Our nutrition program focuses on the individual as a whole and factors in any hormone therapy used to best work with our client’s unique needs. Our medical team is trained and can provide education and consult for hormone replacement therapy. Our therapists and dietitians are educated on treating LGBTQ+ individuals with eating disorders and work in sessions to assist our clients in processing all the emotions, cognitions, biases, and stuck points. We also offer gender-inclusive focused group therapy sessions.

Carolina House is continuously learning, growing, and evolving, and is willing to meet every client where they are at and do our best to accommodate their needs.